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Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

 This organisation accepts volunteer labour

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF) was founded in 1984 and is Australias oldest and largest AIDS charity. BGF assists men, women and children directly disadvantaged by HIV and AIDS in NSW to maintain a reasonable quality of life through the provision of financial assistance, financial counselling, supported housing and employment support.

Demand on the services BGF provides is at record levels as more and more people are experiencing entrenched poverty as a result of living with a chronic and unpredictable illness. BGF assists 15% of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS and poverty in NSW. 50% of people with an AIDS diagnosis in NSW access BGF's services. Over 60% of BGF's income is derived directly from its fundraising efforts. 100% of direct financial assistance provided to clients comes from our fundraising activities.


Shop Yourself Stupid - Saturday 24th March, 2001
An action packed day of shopping where every dollar spent in participating shops is donated to BGF. Participating business districts include: Paddington, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Newtown, Glebe, QVB, Broadway Shopping Centre and Marrickville Metro. Miss BGF will also be crowned during the day!

BGF Reserved Seating at the Mardi Gras Parade
The single biggest fundraising event of the year for BGF! Be entertained by drag queens and celebrity comperes. Food and drinks can be purchased on site, tickets available through Ticketmaster 136100.

For more information about the vital services offerred by BGF visit our website at www.bgf.org.au

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
L2, 9 Commonwealth St
Sydney, NSW  2000
Ph: 61 2 92838666
Fax: 61 2 92838288
Web: http://www.bgf.org.au
Email: bgf@bgf.org.au

ABN: 24 283 037 568       DGR: 900 092 432

This organisation accepts volunteer labour  Volunteering:
Phone 61 2 9283 8666 for details
Email this address volunteers@bgf.org.au listing your contact
details and how you might be able to help.

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