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Bible Society NSW

 This organisation accepts volunteer labour

The Bible Society exists to put the Bible into peopleís hands. This means selling a Bible to those who want to buy one, fundraising for people who need one and giving Bibles away to people who canít afford one! Come on board and join us in our mission to reach the world with the Bible!

We work with many different groups and churches all over the world getting the Word of God to people in written, audio and visual forms. We raise money to translate the Bible into peopleís own language, to teach people to read the Bible for themselves and to give Bibles away. We encourage people like you to read the Bible for yourself and find out what God is really like!

You can make online donations at http://www.biblesocietynsw.com.au where you will receive a tax-deductible (in Aust) receipt in return! Try it out today!

Bible Society NSW
5 Byfield Street
Macquarie Park, NSW  2113
Ph: 02 9888 6588
Fax: 02 9888 7820
Web: http://www.biblesocietynsw.com.au
Email: biblensw@biblesociety.com.au

ABN: 4584 3211 237       DGR: 900445477

This organisation accepts volunteer labour  Volunteering:
Phone 02 9888 6588 for details
Email this address biblensw@biblesociety.com.au listing your contact
details and how you might be able to help.

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