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If you are a representative of an organisation, you can add thier details to donations.com.au. It's easy and takes just a few minutes (the registration form is at the bottom of this page). Once we have reviewed your details your organisation will be listed on donations.com.au. Simply listing on donations.com.au incurs no fees or charges.

Accepting real time donations

To perform transactions online you will need to set up an Internet Merchant Terminal ID with your bank. The eCommerce system supports all major Australian banks including: ANZ, BankWest, Bank SA, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, St George, Westpac (including Bank of Melbourne and Challenge Bank). If you have any queries regarding this part of the registration please email: infodonations@donations.com.au. You can fill in the online part of the application and then we will contact you regarding your Merchant Terminal ID.

Transaction charges

Details of transaction charges for accepting real time donations will be provided at the time of registration to approved organisations or they can be obtained by emailing infodonations@donations.com.au. There is a low once only setup fee, a monthly hosting/access fee, and a low fee per transaction. Organisations are required to open a transaction trust account against which these fees are drawn.

Donations.com.au features

After you have set up your listing with donations.com.au you can:
Edit any of the information provided by your organisation at any time 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

After you have set up your real time eCommerce account with donations.com.au you can:
Accept donations made by credit card through the web or phone system directly into your organisations nominated bank account.
Get real time reports of donations made through donations.com.au. Detailed monthly statements for your organisation can be generated at any time through the online administration section.
Provide news and events relevant to your organisation to thousands of people who are interested in the work you do.

Requirements before you register

If your organisation is not yet a registered not for profit organisation, then you will need to do this before registering online with donations.com.au. Your registration may be examined by various government agencies for bona fides. Real time eCommerce capabilities for your organisation will not be enabled until suitable evidence from the Government Agencies/ATO of registration (eg. letter/certificate from ATO/State Agencies, listing on the ATO web site) is provided.

From 1 July 2000, if an organisation is not endorsed as a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient), it will lose any current gift deductibility and income tax exempt status. Organisations will need to apply to the ATO to be endorsed as a DGR.

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  The 'Description' field is used when someone seeks detailed information on your organisation through the donations.com.au website, an example page can be found here.
  The 'Short Description' field is used when someone is searching for an organisation using the donations.com.au website "find facility", an example page can be found here
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If you accept volunteer labour from people or donations to your organisation are tax deductible then please fill in the details below.
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